If success is only winning, you are probably losing

lead like lasso

Welcome back to Lead Like Lasso. Our principle for this week is that if you define success only by winning, you're probably losing. Rebecca, the owner of the Premier Football Club has hired Ted, in hopes that he will fail as a manager and ruin the football club that her ex-husband loved above everything else.

The problem is Ted's shown up and he's starting to gain some momentum with the players and in the community. So she comes up with this idea to hire Trent Crim and bring him in for a full access day working with Ted in hopes that the article he'll write in the local newspaper will turn the community against him, but in the end, her plan fails because what Trent discovers is that Ted doesn't concern himself too much with wins and losses, but concerns himself with helping the players develop and become the full version of human beings that they're meant to be.

Trent moves from one of the people who is a critic of Ted to a supporter. And the principle for us is the same. You know, a lot of times we wake up and in the morning we think, what do I need to do today to win? And that drive is healthy because it pushes us forward. But if our only goal is to win, if our only goal is to drive profit, it will be a short-lived win. When we're willing to expand our definition of success to include the success of our customers, the success of our employees, and the success of our community. We all become winners because in that space, we're creating something that's beautiful. We're creating something that is worth giving ourselves to and giving our life to.

And if you're not sure about that, just think about what gets said at someone's funeral. It's never about how many wins they've had, it's never about how much profit they've driven. It's about the people they've engaged, the people they've laughed with, the people they've taken care of. Because in the end, we know as human beings that that's what real winning looks like.

Hey, hope you're enjoying this series. And remember as you wake up tomorrow, it's not just about winning, but it's about creating success for your customers, your employees, and your community. Have a great week. We'll see you soon.

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