Build trust for big things by earning trust through the little things

lead like lasso

Welcome back to Lead Like Lasso. I got two things for you this week. First, if you can grow an amazing mustache, you might wanna consider that; that could help your leadership. I mean, where would Tom Selleck be without that amazing stash? And two, this is more obtainable for all of us, if we want to build trust for the big things, we have to earn trust through the little things.

Ted shows up as a division two American football coach, coaching a premier football league team in England, and the scrutiny is crazy, and none of the players trust him. And so what he does is he starts to earn trust through the little things. He asks for their feedback, and one of the things he learns along the way is that the shower pressure is just not strong enough.

He checks it out and says, man, this thing needs a prostate exam. But he goes about and gets it done, and the shower pressure gets increased. At the end of a loss, one of his star players goes in and gets blasted with the shower pressure, and you can see on his face at that moment, he thinks, okay, at least Ted followed through on this.

And so if you have some big initiative that you're looking to build trust for, my challenge to you is, are you earning trust in the little things, the little things from day-to-day that matter to people that show a sign that you notice, that you care and that you're for them. If you start doing those things, you'll have all the trust you need for the next big initiative you need to lead.

Hope this is fun for you. It's been fun for me. Have a great week, and I'll see you soon.

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