Which quadrant is your organization in?

Customer and employee satisfaction should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Having happy customers and healthy employees skyrockets your chances of success as an organization. A quadrant system, like the one above, provides a helpful illustration of the value of two variables and gives us a quick way to measure where we are. Let’s walk through the possibilities.

First up is  “Everybody’s Favorite.” This is the place we all want to be. Organizations that have both high customer satisfaction and high employee satisfaction are positioned for long-term success, have a high sense of unity, are more likely to innovate, and are fun to work at. Who doesn’t want that?

Next, let’s look at the “Social Club,” when satisfaction is high for employees but low for the customer. We land here for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a company becomes arrogant and while everyone is enjoying being together, no one notices the ship is sinking. Other times there’s such a commitment to the past that groupthink and maintenance of the status quo creep in, preventing innovation and success. Ultimately, an organization becomes a social club when it truly only serves those on the inside. Without a mechanism for health and growth, this organization will die.

Quadrant three is “Bureaucracy or Monopoly,” where an organization continues to exist even while it is failing at both customer and employee satisfaction. This organization is not serving anyone well but laws keep it functioning or a monopoly is preventing someone else from serving that purpose more effectively. 

Last is the “Jenga Tower.” The customer is happy and the organization might look healthy from the outside, but this organization is beginning to teeter due to faltering internal health. Employee turmoil, burnout, and turnover start whittling away at the organization’s capabilities. If left unchecked, the organization will begin to fail in serving their customer and move towards death. Eventually, a final piece will be pulled out and it will all come tumbling down.

So, which quadrant are you in? Is there a quadrant you are drifting towards? Creating a strong, intentional culture for our organization is the surest way to live in the “Everybody’s Favorite” quadrant. Through clarity of purpose, healthy relational habits, character-based leadership, and strong systems we can become the organization that the world needs. If you find your organization is drifting toward a quadrant you’re not excited about, I’m here to help! Email me - I look forward to setting up a time to talk.

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