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Helping you lead

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Leaders Create Great Culture Through

  • Relational habits that foster belonging & safety
  • Character, connection & competency
  • Clarifying purpose & path
  • Organizational practices that cultivate your culture

What does your culture need? 

Relational Habits

Intentions are good, but habits happen. Together we will create healthy habits throughout your organization to combat the five most common relational workplace challenges: avoiding difficult conversations, broken relationships, losing trust & feeling disconnected, “It’s not my problem” thinking, and drifting to me before we.

Leadership Development

Leaders build great teams and organizations through a combination of character, connection, and competency. Whether you are seeking to develop your own capabilities or those of your team, we will design a plan to help deepen self-awareness and gain the leadership skills needed to lead well together.

Healthy Systems

Clarity of purpose and a path to accomplish it are critical to achieving the creativity, innovation, and multi-level leadership you hope for throughout your organization. Together we will ensure your organizational systems are producing clarity -- from vision and values, to job descriptions and action plans.

Organizational Practices

You cultivate what you celebrate. The practices and habits that you embrace either reinforce your culture or distract from it. We will hone the practices and events of your organization so that they support the culture you hope to build.

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Not investing in your organization’s culture is costing you more than you think.

Like a family, every organization has a culture. Leaders often hope for the best as a cultural development strategy or believe the return on investment is not significant enough to warrant action. However, according to a Harvard study, organizations that are intentional about building a healthy culture significantly outperform those who aren't.

Investing in Culture...

Reduces Turnover

Culture is king for building unity. United organizations thrive, while divided organizations falter. Let's work together to reshape your relational culture so that you thrive together and avoid costly employee turnover.

Achieves Results

Efficiency, innovation, diversity, and profitability are directly linked to the health of your organization's culture. Together, we will define, build, and maintain a culture that gives you the competitive advantage you need.

Prevents Team Dysfunction

Strong relational habits and high emotional intelligence produce high performing teams (virtual and physical). Let's work together so your organization can gain a relational advantage and prevent team dysfunction.

Work with Kyle

How I Help

  • Assess your current culture providing strengths, opportunities, and key next steps.
  • Establish culture goals for your organization.
  • Achieve your culture goals through a combination of coaching, consulting, training, and strategic planning.

Next Steps

  1. Set a meeting with Kyle to share the goals of your organization and create an initial culture assessment.
  2. Develop a customized plan that fits your unique needs and situation.
  3. Initiate implementation and begin creating a thriving relational culture.


Work with Kyle