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I have had the privilege to do a lot of exciting, interesting, and hard things alongside some wonderful people. I've experienced the joy of love, the delight of parenthood, and the beauty of family. I have also held my mom's hand as she died from cancer and experienced the pain of divorce. I've sold energy projects to hospitals, universities, and major corporations. I've helped found non-profits that offer hope to many and been thrown out of industrial parks trying to sell forklifts. As a pastor, I have had the honor of walking alongside people through birth and death, marriage and divorce, rejoicing and mourning, and all the ordinary days in between. I have spoken to thousands and counseled hundreds towards a whole life.

Time and again this truth has revealed itself: The health of our life is tied to the health of our relationships. So that's my passion, to help people have healthy relationships. I have learned through personal success and failure as a husband, father, son, friend, manager, and leader. I have also devoted hours of study and practice in helping marriages, families, teams, and organizations have healthy relationships. I want to help you too so that we can all flourish because we can't have healthy communities without a healthy you.

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