Greatness Never Comes Alone

Feb 08, 2021

When Tom Brady was asked by host Jim Gray whether he thought it would be important to win a championship without Belichick, Brady responded with, “I never once in my life thought about that.”

Brady added to that, "I don’t think that’s an argument that I ever wanted to be a part of, thought to be a part of. I greatly appreciated what I’ve learned from the coaching mentors I’ve had, certainly coach Belichick. I couldn’t be who I am without those amazing coaches that I’ve had. And I couldn’t be the player I am without all the other playing mentors that I’ve had.” (full article)

That is a great reminder! Brady knows he wouldn't be who he is without the coaches and mentors he has had throughout his life. The same is true for each of us. Americans tend to be drawn to the narrative of rugged individualism, that we make it on our own, but every great individual knows they wouldn't be who they are without the coaches and mentors who encouraged, challenged, instructed, and celebrated with them along the way.

So here's my challenge for you:

First, who are the coaches, managers, and mentors that have made you who you are? Make a list and begin to reach out to say thank you. "I hate getting encouragement," said no one ever. I am thankful to say that my list is long! I am beyond grateful for the number of men and women who have helped me grow in wisdom and character throughout the years. I wouldn't be me without them.

Second, who are your coaches and mentors right now? They can be formal or informal, paid or unpaid but if you can't name them it means you are unnecessarily wandering through this season alone. Plus, if Tom Brady needs coaches and mentors we probably do too.


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